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Want a lesson in perseverance? Churchill is your man. Winston, that is. If you think you’ve got struggles in your quest for “success”, just check out this timeline…

​* Born 1874
* 1915 (41 yrs old) – Made the scapegoat for the failed Gallipoli campaign of World War One
* 1929 (55 yrs old) - Loses a fortune on Wall Street
* 1932-1940 (58-66 yrs old) – Persecuted by enemies (“Winston Churchill is an agitator who should be shot or hanged" - Lord Maugham); isolated by friends; mocked by former political colleagues; experiences heavy, almost suicidal depression; wife has affair
* 1938 (64 yrs old) - Faces bankruptcy; considers leaving politics to go into business; political career spared by a loan
* 1939 (65yrs old) - Toils to meet debt payments; writes books to help pay those debts
* 1940 (66 yrs old) - Becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.
* 1940-1945 - Saves Western Civilization as we know it.
* 1946 - Defeated in re-election bid. 

Oh, did I mention that he was also severely dyslexic and failed English three times in school? Yet he went on to earn a living as a writer and even won a Pulitzer Prize in literature.

The next time you’re feeling frustrated or depressed over some perceived failure or your inability to accomplish a desired goal within a specific period of time, think of Sir Winston. I certainly do. 

The way I see it, there are two options: 1) Give up and quit, or 2) make adjustments and move forward. Actually, I take that back. If you have a sense of destiny, there’s really only one option available to you. And it’s not the first one.Churchill had a clear vision of his destiny (“We are all worms, but I am a glow worm”); you and I need to have that same clarity as well. That way, when we hit those inevitable bumps and potholes along life’s road, we won’t get knocked out of alignment.

Knowing who you are and who you are to become, you can set your goals, formulate your plans of action to achieve them, and adjust as needed along the way.But get ready. It’ll hit you where you least expect it. The criticism that inevitably comes with success. Many of those around you, including some of your “friends”, don’t want to see you succeed and leave them behind; the stuff they’ll say to you and behind your back will sometimes blow your mind. But don’t let it stick to you.

​When faced with intense criticism from a colleague, Churchill once replied, "If I valued the honourable Gentleman's opinion, I might get angry." Touché! 

Will it hurt? Sure it’ll hurt. It may even depress you for a time. Churchill struggled with his own self-described “black dog” of depression, yet he kept it on a short leash. He knew he had no time to waste. None. You don’t either.

​You’ve got a grand destiny awaiting you, remember? So embrace that destiny, set those goals, prepare to confront the challenges, and persevere.Perseverance. The cornerstone of The Code of Steel. Churchill had it. Brazos Steele has it.

You’ve got it too. You just may not know it yet. 


​Action. It's a powerful word. It's a word that oozes energy. It's a word that empowers  passions, dreams, and goals. It reeks of sweat and effort.  And it's timely employment is an essential component for success.

We all know we need to take some type of action right now. What exactly we need to take that action for is our own personal  business. But the need is there. The desire is often  there as well. But that doesn't mean we'll do it.

So what stops us? Don't blame laziness or lack of motivation. It's much deeper than that. It's fear.  If you don't believe me, think about why you'd rather keep your ass plastered to the couch rather than take action towards that goal you've always wanted to achieve, unless of course your goal is to see how long you can keep your ass plastered to the couch before significant muscle atrophy sets in (by the way, did you catch that part about thinking? More about that in a moment...).

Is it a deep-rooted fear of failure? Or the ever more subtle fear of success? Perhaps its fear of wasting time chasing after something you don't think you'll achieve anyways? After all, if you knew you couldn't fail, you'd be all over it, right? And surely the dull pleasure you experience by wallowing in your comfort zone all day long can in no way can compete with the intense pleasure you'd experience feeding on the fruits of an accomplished goal, am I correct?

Actually, what stops us is simple. It's our thoughts. You see, all action begins with thought. Maybe it's a single thought, or  maybe  it's a string of thoughts. But it all starts in our head.

All inaction starts that way  too. Fear as well. Think the right things, you take action. Think the wrong things, and you stall. It's as basic as that. Now is the time to get control of your thoughts. If you don't know how, there are tons of books, programs, and self-help gurus out there to help you do it.

Unfortunately, we're all running out of time. There's none to waste. It doesn't matter how young you are or how old you are. The clock is ticking. There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree. You can  climb it, or you sit on an acorn and wait. I don't know about you, but I'd rather climb.

Be an action-figure like Brazos Steele, not a passive milk toast cruising through life in first gear. Life is fleeting. It's time to shift into overdrive. Time to take action.

​Now.(You see, it IS a powerful word!)